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Destination Norristown Arts Hill: Creating change through creativity The Norristown Arts Festival brings together talents from across the Philadelphia region for a day of food, fun and entertainment for people of all ages. Showcasing local and regional talents the festival strives to bring new life to the Norristown community through the arts. Visit for directions and more information.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blues and Jazz at Coffee Talk

What:  An evening of blues and jazz
When:  Saturday July 9th, 8-11 pm
Where:  Coffee Talk, on West Marshall St

For over fifteen years we have musical events at Coffee Talk.  Each of them is unique and not comparable.  We love them all.

Approximately once a month, we  decide on  a date and time for an event, and I make a new flyer and I hang it in the front window.  Then I carefully check who reads the flyer.  My mood changes with the facial expressions of the readers.
Then – a day or two before the scheduled date, familiar and new faces start to “pop-in”. The questions are the same:  “Do you have equipment?”--   “What is the entrance fee? ”—“ Can I play?” …
Before an evening starts , there is a lot of chaos,  almost a dance of connecting  all the wires,  trying the instruments, finding the right , the most comfortable place, and then … somebody gives the tone and the music starts.
The musicians are talking between themselves in this mysterious language of music. Very quickly their natural talent and love for music makes their harmonies perfect.
And the rest of as ?  We just can enjoy every unforgettable moment of this magic. 

Welcome all on July 9, 2011 to another "Blues and Jazz" evening.

Warm regards,
Aleks  and Joel.

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