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Destination Norristown Arts Hill: Creating change through creativity The Norristown Arts Festival brings together talents from across the Philadelphia region for a day of food, fun and entertainment for people of all ages. Showcasing local and regional talents the festival strives to bring new life to the Norristown community through the arts. Visit for directions and more information.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thank You!

Thank you to all who attended, performed, visited, participated, planned supported and executed the 3rd Annual Norristown Arts Hill Festival! This year's event demonstrated definite and positive growth toward a collectively shared goal for all those who love Norristown!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Performer Schedule For May 5 Arts Hill Festival

Entertainment Schedule for the Arts Hill Festival
The tent is up!... here are the time and stage locations for this Saturday's Norristown Arts Hill Festival. 

Stage 1
10:00AM-Norristown Area High School Drama Club
11:25AM-Colonial Revelers
12:45PM-George Weldon Jazz Trio
2:15PM-The Norristones
3:45PM-Norristown Chorale

Stage 2
10:45PM-Metropolitan Ballet
12:05PM-Bowman School of Dance
4:35PM-Cabrini Dance Team

Showcase Stage
10-10:05AM-Danavia Williams/Singer
10:15AM-Mr. Dave C Perry
11:00AM-Center Theater Children's Play: John Henry
12:00PM-John Monzo/Guitar
1:00PM-John Crouse/Guitar
1:30PM-Dennis Parker
2:00PM-Briana Judge
2:30PM-Michelle Volpe/Poet
2:50PM-3:10PM-Eric Liss/Guitar
3:20PM-3:40PM-Classical Guitar Duet
3:50PM-4:10PM-Alan Poindexter/Spoken Word
Festival Stage
10:00AM-Mercury Rizing
11:00AM-Forgetting Persephone
12:00PM-Alaina Nelson
1:00PM-Acoustic Blender
2:00PM-Easy Does It
3:00PM-Flight 116